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The Pilgrim follows Will, an American architect living in London, who is thrust into an odyssey through the American West upon learning of his estranged mother’s death. Confronted by

his sister, Jeannie, he is tasked with transporting his mother's remains to their final resting place at his aunt's ranch. Reluctantly agreeing, Will sets off on a journey that brings him back in contact with the ghosts of a life he had long since left behind – its landscapes, its history, and its traditions – before meeting a young Shoshone woman, Alva. The two share a brief but powerful connection through which he endures a reckoning with nature, family, and his past.

The movie is an independent film in the truest sense. Filmed over the course of two consecutive summers throughout Wyoming, Nebraska, and South Dakota by a small crew of dedicated collaborators working with minimal resources, the team shot almost exclusively by natural light and engaged with members of each community it photographed in order to bring an authentic portrayal of the American West to the screen.

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